Don`t let hair loss be one mare thing to stress about


Unexplained, excessive hair loss can be worrisome and scary.

The good news is, there's a way to fix it.

We are all losing hair every day, between 50-100 of hairs, in different circumstances: during your morning shower, while you’re blow drying it, when you give it a quick brush, or when your kids are pulling on it —and that’s normal.

Yes, maybe, at first thought, you may think a hundred hairs may be a tiny number considering that we have around 100,000 hairs on our head? Yes, it is…

So then, at what point should we be alarmed by our hair loss?

Now it won’t be necessary to save and count the hairs you lose in one day, you can simply recognize something’s not right the moment you wake up with a handful of hair on your pillow.

To help you understand better, I want to share my story…

My name is Molly* and I am from California.

Everything started in 2004 when my life suddenly changed.

It was 3 months after I had stopped taking birth control. It was a very stressful time because despite our best efforts, I couldn’t get pregnant and if that wasn’t enough …my hair started coming out in the handfuls!

I'll never forget…I was taking a shower before going out one Friday evening, and my hands were suddenly covered with hair.

At that time, I had no clue why this was happening. I thought I was dying, from cancer or something.

I stayed home that night and didn't go out with my friends who ere visiting that week. I’ll never forget how I sobbed the whole evening, while scouring the internet trying to figure out what was going on with me.


I didn't know what to do …what to use to recover my beautiful hair! I searched on the internet for a dermatologist - maybe they can help me!

I couldn’t wait to find an answer, because I knew my body very well and when I saw how much hair had fallen out I realized that something is going terribly wrong.

I searched frantically for a good doctor, someone that could help me. I found someone at a very well-known medical center, and made an appointment.

Another full week passed while waiting for the appointment. And this brought another full week of questions and conflicting emotions. The fact that you don’t know what’s going on with you is what rips you in pieces.

I was really scared as every day another handful of hair fell out and I started to worry more and more… I couldn’t even sleep at night and my days were filled with anxiety and envisioning myself with the worst possible outcomes… and I spiraled downwards into depression.

After that nightmare of a week, the appointment day finally came and I anxiously went in to see that famous doctor. With tears and much emotion, I told him my story. He started to talk to me about hormonal changes - thanks to giving up birth control pills, and that maybe I was just passing through a hard stage while trying to get pregnant. He advised me to set aside some significant time to meditate - to relax my body and mind, and he guaranteed me that this would help with both of my issues.

Well, knowing my stressed out condition and all of the things that I had been going through recently, I started to think he truly may know what he’s talking about.

I remember feeling too ugly and embarrassed to be social or even to go to the gym.

So I started to take meditation courses, and I went to a few therapy sessions. At home I was trying to relax finding a new hobby: Painting…and I really tried, but I found out that I have little artistic blood in me.

I succeeded to free myself of my daily obsession of getting pregnant…

BUT, even with the all of the focused relaxation, I still didn't get pregnant, and my hair continued to fall out day by day! I remember remarking that my head now looked strange. I began thinking about buying a wig to just cover it up!

Because of this, I took a 3 week leave of absence from my job to go be with my then-boyfriend (now wonderful husband!) in Europe where he was currently working. I needed his support, and he was truly there for me no matter how embarrassed I was.

I had extensions put in my hair, just to make me feel like I had hair again. I did everything I could to mask what was going on, all the while devouring information to try to figure out what’s happening, especially because I had to accompany my boyfriend to meetings.

My self-confidence was already destroyed. I was 25 years old, and I was losing my hair…what can it be more embarrassing?

Having this huge hair problem wasn’t helping me get pregnant either.

Seeing how devastated I was, my boyfriend started to search for doctors and solutions. He believed that somewhere out there we will find the answer.

We found some doctors who had seemed to help a lot of people with the same problem as mine, and we decided to make appointments to get their opinions.

In those 3 weeks, I saw 2 doctors in Europe who tested me and both gave me different pills that, they said, should help me re-grow my hair.

I was full of hope then…but as always, hope is not enough, you have to believe, and you have to do something to get results.

I started to take the pills; I did the treatment for 6 months…

What were the Results? The pills didn’t help me at all.

I was going crazy…For a while, I started to worry about my relationship, even if I didn't feel rejected, but I knew lots of other great relationships ending for smaller reasons. And, indeed, I have to admit that he hadn`t been giving me as much affection as he had before.

The anxiety started to grow again, and this was another step back in my journey.

Every day was a nightmare…

Every morning I woke up and saw the pillowcase full of hair.

Going into the bathroom and seeing my reflection in the mirror always scared me.

I couldn’t believe that my life could be so radically changed by this. I had a respectable job which I loved, I had a gorgeous boyfriend with whom I had plans for future, and I had a lot of friends to spend time with …

But with my hair loss problem - going to my job became a stressful thing; I always canceled meeting up with my old friends because I was ashamed of the way I looked, and my boyfriend… I was terrified of losing him. Losing him would mean the end of the great life we had planned for ourselves.

My family all looked at me with eyes full of mercy… they didn’t know how they could help me.

I was desperate. I felt helpless… My anxiety became worse.

My boyfriend insisted I go to see a psychologist again.

I did. He taught me not to see the problem in front of me, but to search and to see the escape.

And this is exactly what I did!

Feeling devastated, I immediately rushed back to the Internet for a magical hair potion that would instantly make my hair grow long and strong once again…yet the only thing I could find that came anywhere close were the notorious hair growth vitamins or hair transplant.

Regarding the vitamins, I had already tried them. Besides the side effects like diarrhea, stomach flu, and anxiety; my gynecologist ordered some tests and found out that those pills had reduced my fertility, and now I needed to start fertility treatment too.

The worst part was that the side effects persisted, even when I stopped taking the medication.

I didn’t want to see any other doctors anymore. All of them had prescribed me the same known pills, and had proven that they are not a solution.

So I began searching on the internet for other solutions. I signed up for some forums and I also found some hair growth support groups…some kind of blogs where people were telling their hair loss stories of how the problem evolved, and their ongoing treatment as they updated their stories.

That was a place where I should start from the beginning, but unfortunately, I wasn’t sure they could help me…

I read about a man around 30 years old - saying that day by day he grew more and more bald. He lost his friends, his girlfriend, and he was desperate thinking that maybe he will never have a family. He also had tried a lot of medical solutions, drugs, vitamins, and none of those things helped him.

Finally he found someone, through speaking with others, that had experienced the same symptoms, and he had finally found a solution. At this point, he somehow obtained a magical trunk containing a fairy recipe which helped him to get a head full of beautiful, healthy hair again.

So…this was the way I finally understood what I had.

It is all about androgenetic alopecia.

I believed this was a new disease or something, but after reading some articles and medical studies, I realized this has existed for a very long time and it affects a lot of people. Most of them don’t even know they have it. There are lots of people who think that balding is something natural and normal, and they resign themselves to it.

What Is Androgenetic Alopecia?

Alopecia can be a partial or a complete loss of hair, both of them resulting from aging, hormone imbalances, stress, drug allergies, anti-cancer treatments, or skin diseases.

Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is a common dermatological condition affecting both men and women. In the case of men, up to 30% over the age of 30 and more than 50% over the age of 50 are affected. AGA also affects women although clinical signs are usually milder and associated with diffuse thinning of the scalp hair. AGA invariably causes serious psychological problems, especially in women. By far the most promising approaches to the treatment of baldness in men are drug therapies, such as topical minoxidil and finasteride administered systemically. Mild to moderate AGA in women can be treated with antiandrogens and/or topical minoxidil with good results in many cases.

But statistics confirmed that those chemicals work for only a small number of people, and beside this, patients experience secondary effects.

Your hair is made of Keratin, a stretchable protein material manufactured by your hair follicle. Hair follicles in your scalp grow at a rate of about half an inch per month, though this rate of growth can vary.

The condition of your hair is largely dependent upon a good supply of blood carrying adequate amounts of nutrition such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to your hair follicle.

In many ways, hair is similar to the skin as it reflects your inner state of balance and health. A poor state of health can be responsible for dullness and loss of hair.

Men and women can suffer from age-related hair loss or thinning hair due to hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy and menopause.

Extreme stress can also play a significant role in hair loss. The healing power of emotionally calming pure essential oils can be highly effective for relieving the stress and nervous anxiety often associated with hair loss.

Most hair loss cases, not directly caused by health imbalances, can usually be traced back to over processing of hair either with excessive heat or chemical treatments like coloring and perms, or washing one’s hair with strong detergent based shampoos.

These are the major causes of hair loss that can lead to dandruff and other common hair problems.

Male androgenetic alopecia (MAGA) is the most frequent type of thinning or loss of hair in males. The condition, also known as male pattern baldness, causes hair loss as early as late adolescence.

Even men who never "go bald" thin out somewhat over the years. Unlike those with reversible telogen shedding, those with common male-pattern hair loss don't notice much hair coming out; they just see that it's not there anymore. Adolescent boys notice some receding near the temples as their hairlines change from the straight-across boys' pattern to the more "M-shaped" pattern of adult men. This normal development does not mean they are losing hair.


  • Men note a gradual recession of the frontal hairline early in the process;
  • Men present with gradual thinning in the temporal areas, producing a reshaping of the anterior part of the hairline.

Almost every woman eventually develops some degree of female pattern hair loss. It can start any time after the onset of puberty, but women tend to first notice it around menopause when their hair loss typically increases. Hair loss risks rise with age, and the risk is higher for women with a history of hair loss on either side of the family.

Mistakenly thought to be a strictly male disease, women actually make up forty percent of American hair loss sufferers. Hair loss in women can be absolutely devastating for the sufferer's self-image and emotional wellbeing.


  • Hair loss is generally diffused over the crown area of the head; this produces a gradual thinning of the hair rather than an area of marked baldness; the anterior is the widest part.
  • The frontal hairline is often preserved in women;
  • The bitemporal recession does occur in women but usually to a lesser degree than in men.

4 myts abouy hair loss

After I had educated myself all about this medical condition, I determined that this fight can be won!

I will finally regain my beautiful hair, and I will do it without:

  • Doctors;
  • Drugs;
  • Spending a lot of time preparing strange things;
  • or hair implants - Wearing the hair of dead people!

I started to follow the guy’s instructions, and I added a few things to the process that I found online to be beneficial to the hair growing process.

The first days, I felt more peaceful, somehow more relaxed…

My nights were more restful, and in the morning I woke up more energized.

I began to be able to focus better with every action I took.

About the hair, I did not notice any modification…Until the 9 days.

This was the day when I brushed my hair, and I saw only a few hairs falling down.

That was the moment when I realized something had … and those natural remedies may be the key to every health problem, the same as our ancestors used and found they lived more years than us, living simply, without drugs and chemical products.

I realized then, not only should I follow this natural treatment until I see my hair again, but I am determined to change my life and to follow a natural way of living.

Days passed, and day by day I saw improvements in my health and how my hair looked. No side effects, of course, because everything is natural.

My hair stopped falling out, and after 16 days, I started to see small regrowth of hair on my crown and on the temples area.

I was so elated!

I finally felt more self-confidence and satisfaction knowing that I did all of this by myself, without doctors and meds.

It was an amazing feeling!

My boyfriend was so proud of me!

I encouraged myself not to stop…I continued with the plan, and I added some more to be sure the results lasted!

On day 26th, I got the results I was seeking!

My hair was back!

Finally, It didnt feel weird or scary anymore to brush my hair!

I could take showers again without a tub full of hair.

All I can say is that everything I did not only helped me to get my hair back, but also had a relaxing effect on me. Also, I noticed that my headaches were gone too!

This plan worked for the guy from the blog, and it worked for me too.

It looks that it works for both,

Male and female!

Upon getting these positive results, I started thinking about the amazing thing that we had found. How it could help so many others that had been in my shoes, and I asked myself:

“Why let all the people out there live in frustration their entire life when I have the solution in my hands?””

This is the reason I made this presentation, with the help of my boyfriend. By presenting my guide I hope that this can help decrease the number of people having hair loss problems.

My natural plan to help you regain your hair is called

The Golden Rule Secret of Regrowing Hair

The Golden Rule Secret of Regrowing Hair eBook

What You Will You Receive In This Guide

  • What baldness is and the entire scientific process;
  • A wonderful guide to to prevent baldness;
  • Undisclosed foods that help hair to grow;
  • A Complete 28 day plan of scalp massage techniques;
  • Natural recipes for home-made shampoo and other hair products;
  • Helpful tips for maintaining good health for your hair;
  • Aromatherapy to revive your beautiful hair;
  • Myths and facts about hair;
  • …And other interesting stuff.

Why Should You Give It A Try?

Because you will:

  • Gain your hair back;
  • Get healthy and strong hair;
  • Become more relaxed;
  • Sleep better;
  • Have more energy;
  • Gain better focus on everything;
  • Recover your self-confidence;
  • Feel great with your beautiful hair;
  • Get the freedom to do whatever you want!

And more…

  • You can now regrow your hair without any contraindications!
  • It’s safe for pregnant moms!
  • You can do it at home, whenever you want!
  • You won’t waste any more money on things that don’t work!
  • It won't be necessary to wear the hair of dead people!

Imagine the moment that you have your hair back.

How would you feel?

Being confident in yourself again allows you to do so many great things.

Nothing will stop you in achieving what you want!

Everyone will feel your power…

Ask yourself: How do you want to live your life?

You can always become healthy again!

No matter your age, even if you are male or female.

The only thing you need is a belief that you will succeed.

And all of these with

Natural Remedies!

Even if you are balding or just feel that your hair is not as healthy as it use to be, this plan is wonderful recovering your hair condition and, it improves your hair’s structure making it strong and shiny – the way it should be.

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* This is a pen name because the author wanted to remain anonymous for the public